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"Happy" birthday to me...
Happy Birthday Bro! Make it a year to remember! Don't worry, we've all had messed up/stressful bdays.
I am still amazed at how quickly our body can all of a sudden say, "This product doesn't agree with me anymore". I was just thinking back to how I had used Propecia for 3+ years with no sides and then I added Minoxidil and it went down hill from there.
I think the Minoxidil is something that its being completly overlooked, as I remember after I quit finasteride, I was still enjoying watching porn, etc.. but when I did noticied that I was getting very high side effects after 1/2 years of quitting finas, I was using high doses minixidil 5% in high dosages. Maybe I dont have pfs but post minoxidil also xD
Seems to be a lot of Minoxidil suffers, what are y'all's symptoms? Wonder if a different mechanism is giving sides similar to PFS.
The sides I got from minoxidil is premature ejaculation and loss of senestivity, stopped minoxidil then took Fin which topped that off with complete loss of sensitivity and spontaneous erections.