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No more religious exemption in N.Y.
im going to vax a ton of people. social experiment.
most those celebs with dumb kids,... their kids were retarded way before the vax.
Vaccines are semi-quackery.
They are effective, but at the cost of ones health 100% of the time.

The current narrative is that if the child didnt die or have extreme side-effects, its safe. But we know better, the human body functions on a spectrum. And side-effects are nuanced.

There are no long term studies with control populations done. They dont even follow their own rules of "science".
"5 Element Ninjas" kung fu classic...
Master was poisoned. Needed 3 months to clear it from his body. No training during this time...

3 month period sounds similar to the 3 months recommendation from that bs i took...

1980's kung fu knowledge...crazy shit