UPDATED: PFS new blood test, high ACTH, low prolactin, low progesteron,low cerulo


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Oct 5, 2017
The r andro was clearly doing something because as i am off of it now i am much worse in the breathing exercises that i do daily. I could hold my breath for almost 2 times more on r andro, it was clearly increasing oxygen delievery to my cells. No snap back yet, im on the herb rotation protocol, will report when i feel something significant.

you usually had good snap backs from anti gaba supps. not gaba. anyway will be interesting


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Oct 4, 2017
UPDATE: 1 week off R andro.
No snap back like it happened last time, but last time I felt the death with the heart pain.
1 important achievement is that it seems I can finally stick to the no carb diet without the R andro too, and this is a more significant result than having a strong snap back which then fades in 3 days because diet is the basis for every recovery. I have formed but not perfect stools since 42 days and its dark. I eat carbs on 2 occasions per week.
I am doing the herb rotation and it gives some upswings, will keep taking them with the diet, sauna, thermal, head massages, warm cold showers, some meditation.

I can also work out finally moderately, have some energy and even did an empty stomach workout with coffee and herbs and didnt crash with thyroid pain though voice during the workouts is weak but I dont care much I just keep going. Havent tried the wormwood yet will probably add it to my herb rotation tomorrow just to see what happens. Will also take coffee with it and report back if I have a snap back.

Metabolism seems to be going the best if I eat 2-3 meals per day and dont stretch my fasting window too long. If I fast for like 20 hours and then eat I feel my metabolism crashing while when I eat moderate meals with meat and veggies 3 times a day my hands warm up and I dont feel as stressed after eating. Though mental symptoms and some talkativeness appears after fasting for a longer period so I will keep some longer fasting days incorporated might go for 30-40 hours too 1-2 times per month we will see.
Overall I feel a slow, small, but definite improvement in my general state. In the mood to work out sometimes, more energy to go for the day, more goals in life.
1 note: I seem to be less interested in computer games, and more interested in human relationships.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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Oct 4, 2017
I will write a little update, not much, just to log in once a month.

My next R andro round will start in the middle of february, 400 mg for 6 weeks now.

I have a little bit of sweat appearing in the armpits these days, during the workouts and more sweat is present if I eat a 40-50 g vegetable meat meal 2-3 hours before the workout.
Best results feeling and mood wise if I do an empty stomach workout with a sauna afterwards. I react better to food that way and there were 2-3 weeks when my motivation was definitely higher. I use a lot of supplements, herb rotation, amino acids, vitamins and minerals from Chi's recovery and some of the b2 protocol too like potassium iodide and b2. I occasionally take thorne extra multivitamin capsule too and just recently added vitamin C.

I dont seem to be losing long hairs that make up the bulk of my head, just some small vellus hairs. Ordered Nicotinamide Riboside to apply topically and use orally too.
Drinking salt and potassium chloride water, although not too high amounts as it fucks me up after a certain extent.

I will log more once I am on R andro again and experience more notable changes.
Overall life is better but I dont feel my endocrine system restarted for sure. Could build a little muscle, loose some fat but on TEI for example I had better mood days.

We will see, there is no reason not to stick to the protocol, as life is passing anyways. Stay strong guys.