Oct 27, 2017
Seeing as when most guys recover, the last thing they want to do is stick around and dwell on the horrible experiences they had to go through, many of them disappear to go enjoy their lives and are never heard from again. This is completely understandable.

Even when I recovered, I didn't go back to Propecia help for almost a year. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to that place.

I'm hoping because this site is very different, that the guys that have found so much help and benefit from the information shared here will give back to the forum by sharing their recoveries so that new guys that arrive here will be emboldened and even more motivated to stick to the protocol and see it through until the end.

For all you guys that are recovered, or are close to recovered (85% and more) Please feel free to share your experiences in this thread.

It will be a life saver to the guys that are just starting their journeys.

Thank you in advance
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Oct 27, 2017
From English:

CD e mailed me and specifically asked me to post as i don't visit forums anymore, so please don't waste time asking me questions etc. But i hope this helps some...

I used propecia for about 6 months about 4 years back, i got bad symptoms that worsened after coming off and reading propecia help for many hours at a time. I didn't realise then the effect the mind has on the body - if you want to know how bad i was, well, i was pretty fucking bad, pretty much as bad as it gets, and i read all the stories on
I created a protocol that was right for me, based on the common denominators of 20 or 30 recovery stories. Looking back the best thing about this was that i believed in it 100%, and the consistency of my approach and the constant reinforcement of only surrounding myself with recovery stories and positive people like CD and others like him created a belief in recovery that was stronger than my belief in the bullshit narrative the idiots had created on P. help. This mystical condition is not specific to "pfs", it is simply the result of intense and long lasting stress added of course to a chemically altered hormonal balance. This has been confirmed by the many tens of guys who have followed a similar protocol and recovered 80 to 100% very quickly (ie within 18 months or so)
It took me around 18 months to recover all physical and sexual capabilities to the point that i was before, and then some. I still (obviously) have some mental issues with this very frightening period of my life, but i view it as a positive thing in general and it was in many ways the best challenge of my life so far, simply because i found it difficult.
The protocol was very close indeed to CD's. I didn't fast for more than 5 days at a time, and i didn't do pro-hormones. I found some anti estrogen drugs helpful in very small quantities for a period, otherwise it was all healthy stuff, focusing on mind, diet, body. I've written tons of stuff on it all so you can find it on here, but to be honest you may as well just go to CD's website. You will recover for sure - if - you relax your mind more and more over time, whilst eating very healthy and living healthy. You don't need anything special, you just need to relax, start enjoying life again more and more each day, and get away from all the worrying talk, all of it.

This stuff takes time to dismantle your worrying mind, it takes a great deal of daily positive reinforcement to turn the tide and you must stop making such a big fucking deal out of it all, which is what created and worsened many of your symptoms in the first place. I know this stuff for sure because i'm back in peak condition, but you will question it, that my friend is the issue you need to reverse and then you will see the "condition" start to disappear.


Oct 27, 2017
From Swill:

Here's my story...

I'm a 31 year old from the United Kingdom. In my youth I was a pro soccer player and did it well into my mid 20's so have always been relatively fit. I started taking finasteride at the age of 20, and ceased in December 2012 when sexual side effects started to occur. Things then went from bad to worse in February 2013 when other symptoms showed up and I became a shell of myself overnight. I had very bad ED, lack of libido, lack of excitement... my zest for life went and all emotions were replaced with tension, anxiety and fear... my anxiety was absolutely terrible. I would wake up with terrors at 3am in the morning and exhaust myself thinking about how I was fucked for life from dawn to dusk. Felt robbed, cheated, suicidal, my life turned upside down. I had very supportive parents who supported me and kept me sane whereas if I hadn't had that support I may not be here now.

The first year I was so anxious that I had to get things fixed immediately, desperate to find that silver bullet. I saw endocrinologist professors from the UK, including one of the top guys here on Harley Street, and found my testosterone level was now at 7 (on a range of 7 - 31). I even travelled to the United States to be under the care of Dr Crisler, self claimed messiah of 'All Things Male.' I was put on all manner of pharmaceuticals in a variety of doses and combinations... Clomid, AI's, Dostinex. The more I loaded on pharmaceuticals to alter the blood labs i was relying on being the answer, the worse I felt, particularly emotionally. I would give a particular word of caution to taking Clomid, that stuff was horrific and made me a panicked mess when as people suffering with things post-fin we are already predisposed to such things.

I was determined to throw all my money at this to find the magical cure, but anyway it became clear in a matter within a matter of months that Dr Crisler had no clue what the fuck he was doing and I was a total guinea pig. So at the end of my year of hell, I was feeling dreadful loaded up on pharmaceuticals to fix a pharmaceutical problem, and at my lowest ebb with nowhere to turn, and thats when I came across CD's thread on that cess pit Propecia Help in December 2013.

I admit, it wasn't easy to change my mindset and it took some adjusting, and I have an analytical mind so I wanted to ask a million questions. And it was horrible coming off all the pharma I was on which put me in a massive state of hormonal, emotional and sexual flux. But, I decided to jump in fully... what did I have to lose?! I have always been into the gym and tried to keep that going as a release as much as possible but I hit it with all i had, I totally re-vamped my diet which has never been great and went full paleo, as organic as possible (its difficult in the UK) and applied the principles of carb backloading.

I then booked into a clinic in California recommended by CD an undertook a two week medically supervised waterfast and re-feed. It was so hard for me mentally and like nothing I have ever experienced, but I saw it as necessary and got it done. I found it really difficult I will not lie, and I don't think I was mentally prepared for how hard it would be, but it was good to be in an environment where you are supported and people are going through the same thing. If you guys are concerned about losing weight at a water fast and that you wont recover... I went down to 140lbs in my water fast, and the avatar was taken only about 3 months later... when you are cleansed and primed, your body really rewards you for giving it the good stuff.

After I returned I jumped fully into the regime (herbs, meditation, diet, rest, pumping, cold showers, etc) and the benefits started to flood through. I am now at the point where I have recovered all but sexually... I have made good improvements in this field but libido still fluctuates from time to time, but I am really happy with where I am at in life and have a pretty normal sex life too. And if I am being totally honest, I think I have been a little bit of a difficult case... I have responded fantastically well to the regime, but most people seem to gain the benefits far quicker than myself. I am at a stage where the end is in sight and I will get there sooner rather than later.

The main thing I would impart on you guys is similar to what English said... a lot of this is mental... in that we have been through a great degree of mental trauma with this and it has affected us on a physical level. Dig deep and show the grit you've got and you'll find yourselves stronger than you thought possible... this shit is nothing but character building.

The main thing I would say pushed on my recovery was the realisation that instead of spending every minute of every day thinking about PFS, no matter how fucked you are, life goes on and can still be enjoyed... you can still do cool and fun things, you can still have goals, you can still achieve things. In my time with PFS I have met a woman, fell in love and married her, got a house, a dog, began to play in a rock band again, continued to set goals in the gym, watched my local soccer team, and have made some great memories with friends... you have bad times and it isn't easy, but you dont have to let life pass you by.

I took part in the PFS study in Baylor, Texas shortly after my wedding in March 2015 and whilst studies to further understand PFS are important, particularly to get Fin off the market, it is obvious in my mind that the only way to heal from this is holistically by putting your body in prefect position to naturally heal itself. Your body is far more effective than any drug or scientist.

I am in a happier place than I ever thought possible after all that I have been through, and its due to sticking at the regime that has been laid out for you CONSISTENTLY over TIME.

I dont spend a great deal of time on the board, but I'm more than happy to help any of you guys with anything. As CD has said though, its all there written down for you, just get to doing it!


Oct 27, 2017
From Maxoutt:

I'll go ahead and post my story as well.

I'm 27 years old, from the United States. I'm a former member of the United States Marine Corps who now works as a contractor for the government, after graduating from college with an Engineering degree in honors, in a very demanding job role that requires you to be on your game technologically and intellectually at the same time. I took Saw Palmetto extract, 320mg daily, for the better part of almost two months before noticing that things just weren't the same anymore. I no longer had the mental sharpness that had allowed me to excel in my field from the get go, nor did I have the lust for life and excitement for life that I had before. Believe me, if you can be excited to wake up everyday when you're in exotic locales like Afghanistan and Iraq, then you should be excited to wake up in your brand new house on a daily basis. I no longer saw any gains or reason to go to the gym, nor did I care to ever have sex. This was the biggest clue to me that something was wrong....I normally pestered my girlfriend (and soon to be wife) for sex about daily.....sometimes twice a day haha. Given that I took Saw Palmetto for symptoms of acute prostatitis because I didn't want to go the VA for a checkup and get antibiotics (and later learning that Saw Palmetto doesnt help prostatitis at all, go me), I wasn't even aware of finasteride or the Post-Finasteride Syndrome because I wasn't a sufferer of MPB and had no reason to take the drug or consider it. So, I went online and Google'd "Saw Palmetto brain fog", because in all honesty, when you can't think clearly or react to anything with intelligence very quickly, that's the most concerning symptom of all. Low and behold, I found r/Tressless on reddit, and it was a post where someone was clearly experiencing the same thing I was. One of the commenters said "Sounds like you could have PFS. Check".......and so began the worst two weeks of my life after reading that stuff. I was praying, hoping that I would be one of the guys who returned to normal within "14 days" as stated on the website and by Merck (for finasteride). Of course, me taking Saw Palmetto and seeing that two of the longest sufferers of PFS took Saw Palmetto, and that one of the worst cases on the website (who ended up taking his life) also took SP, I was pretty sure that my life was gone. That I would lose everything, my woman, my friends, my a highly motivated, competitive, and driven individual, that wasn't something I could take.

Two weeks went by, leading to a month with little to no improvement. I couldn't sleep, had night terrors, my dick was twisting and curving as well to go along with not working at all.....suicide was within reach. I suffer from PTSD as well, and combine the two and I was a living hell for a long time. I stumbled upon CDs post on Propecia Help, but wasn't read to buy in at first due to people there claiming it was "BS, not true, he can't drink, blah blah blah", until finally I said, I have absolutely nothing to fucking lose at this point, lets see what I can do.

I bought into the regimen 100%, and have followed it for near 10 months now I believe? May will be around a year, and I'm sitting pretty at near 85-90%, with just a few things left to go. Eye floaters, libido, and dick curvature being the only remaining symptoms. Keep in mind, I had the following: brain fog, ED, dick twist/curve, muscle wastage, eye floaters, blurry/unfocused vision (THE WORST), dry skin, eye bags and hollowing eyes, bone pain, no drive or aggression, shrunken genitals......the damn list goes on but you guys get the point. If I can recover, ANYONE can recover. I've also recieved a promotion at my job, gained a very in-demand and difficult tech certification, got engaged, continued to plug away at my Master's degree, and am in the, no doubt, best shape of my life.

Life is what you make it, PFS or not. You're the only one who can continue to make your life great, or a living hell. The choice is yours.


Oct 27, 2017
Posted by Swill:

Entropy recovered on the protocol too going by his posts (after I sieved through all the fuck offs he gave out after he started to feel better lol).


Oct 27, 2017
Chi's recover following a similar protocol:

Chi's Recovery

Here's the original post: SolvePFS Login


I will follow this up with several sets of bloods from Bouloux’s lab in 2011 and then recent ones from 2016 shortly, then add the same post to PH. I will also add some photos from when I suffered and today.


PFS is essentially severe CFS with the root cause lying in the gut. For one reason or another finasteride disrupts the micro biotic balance in the gut and damages the gut lining. This results in malabsorption of nutrients and a prevalence of pathogens (not parasites). Pathogens are essentially disease causing bacteria (whereas parasites are organisms which can live off the body but be completely harmless).

The downstream impact of problems in the gut is on the whole endocrine. For example Serotonin, a neurotransmitter and hormone found almost predominantly in the gut, is completely suppressed. Adequate serotonin is required for deep sleep, calming anxiety and relieving depression. It also assists in memory, regulates appetite, cell growth, wound healing, sexual desire and mood. On the contrary low serotonin causes anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and a host of other awful symptoms. This is just one hormonal impact of a dysfunctional gut, but there are others.

Why us?

The reason only a sub-set of finasteride users get affected is because this sub-set of people have a weaker than optimal gut, diet and immune system before the occurrence. Note it is also possible to feel completely normal, yet have a weaker than optimal gut and immune system before the finasteride related issues, at least if that is the way you have felt your entire life or the process of decline was so gradual as to be undiscernible.

Our weaker than optimal gut and immune systems was susceptible to decline and deteriorating health conditions anyway, however that doesn’t mean we would have suffered discernible or deteriorating health in our lifetime. It took the introduction of a potent chemical to completely throw a delicate balance out of whack – for many the crunch point was cessation of the drug – which in itself would have constituted a change in chemical balance. Others suffer at different times dependent on lifestyle, diet and existing health factors.

My symptom List (no particular order)

Shrunken balls
Insomnia / poor unrefreshing sleep
Low or no libido
Poor or no erections
Penis curvature to left
Muscle wasting (particularly back of shoulders, upper/lower arms, wrists and fingers)
Mild gynecomastia
Pain/flare ups in gyno lumps
Cuticle recession
Low tolerance to stress
Long refractory period
Low tolerance to light
Poor memory
Poor focus
Hair thinning (particularly pubic and lower legs)
Slow wound healing
Skin ageing (wrinkles forming under eyes)
Sunken eyes
Blurring vision / focus
Bloodshot eyes
General weakness
Facial changes, more feminine at times
Increased susceptibility to colds and sneezing
Lowered body temperature


Today I do not suffer from any of these symptoms and in fact I am healthier than I ever have been. The only thing I have is some lines under eyes, but then I am nearly 30 now (I became ill at 24) and I don’t deem mine to be any worse than friends my age, in fact better because I don't really drink alcohol.


Nutritionist & Tests

Gillian Hamer - London
Comprehensive Parasitology (checks Pathogens)


Bionutri Ecobalance (inner 2 at breakfast, outer 2 at lunch)
Bionutri Tyro-plus
Bionutri Tara-cyn
Biocare Liquid Vitamin C
Biocare Liquid Trace Minerals
Biocare Liquid Multivitamin
Spatone Iron sachet
Ionic Zinc
Viridian Digestive Aid
VSL3 probiotic or Primal Nutrition Probiotics (spore forming)
Lugol’s Iodine (occasionally)

Herbal Tinctures

Swedish Bitters


Breakfast = Steamed Vegetables (preferably fresh/home-grown/cruciferous)
Lunch = Salad + Meat/Fish
Dinner = Meat/Fish + vegetables
Intermittent fasting 1 day p.w.
Cook with coconut oil if required
Buy high quality pasture/grass-fed and wild fish only
No fruit (only small handful of berries every few days)
No nuts
No nightshade fruits and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergine)
No sauces
No oils – high quality extra virgin olive oil OK occasionally on salads, but don’t overdo
No dairy
No carbohydrate foods (e.g. pasta, rice, potato, bread)
No sugar
No alcohol
Only drink spring water
Herbal Teas: Pau D'Arco, Nettle Leaf
Treat: Avocado, Kale, Lemon and Spring Water smoothie
Treat: Hot Water, Lemon, Celtic Sea Salt


Run 5k x 3 per week
Hills sprints x 1 per week
Gym x 1-3 times per week, big movements only (e.g. squats, chest press, overhead press, dips, pull ups, deadlifts, clean, snatch)
Yoga daily
Some meditation

Other lifestyle

Use perfume and paraben free body and hair wash
Use fluoride free toothpaste
Do not use deodorant or spray chemicals on body
Wake up between 5:30-6am every day - boosts cortisol/adrenal function
Attach a shower filter to remove chlorine
Take freezing cold showers only, morning and night (easier after exercise)
Do not lie down during the day to rest/sleep
Aim to be asleep by 10:30
Do not use electronic devices after 8pm (including TV, mobile, laptop)
Grow your own organic vegetables – to maximise nutrition and remove risk of chemicals
Spend time outside in the natural light
Walk in forests and near rivers
Go swimming in lakes
Read books about health and nutrition
Remain positive
Don’t give up
Try to see friends as much as possible
Remove stressors
Do not visit the internet researching your condition
Avoid mirrors
Cut out people that cause you stress

Final note

I just want to add that all this stuff wasn’t some wild punt in the dark and wasn’t introduced overnight. It was a 3.5year process of research, listening to my body and learning. However, I firmly believe that full recovery can happen to anyone, irrespective of the severity of symptoms and time suffered, within a few months (possibly weeks) if you can get the balance of things mentioned right. To add weight to this, 6 months before full recovery I was still having massive set-backs and terrible episodes of awfulness. However when you’ve cracked the code it doesn’t matter – everything is in your favour to recover.

Today, 5 years post crashing I feel brilliant. I can eat carbs and sugar as and when I want, but I try to limit it. I (nobody) feels good eating these shit foods. I ate plenty of cake this Christmas though and that feels good, just it’s not something I want to make a habit of knowing how bad this stuff is. It’s difficult though in our modern society – sugar and carb is prevalent – which is a great threat to health and longevity. Today I try to live a paleo lifestyle, which is in essence what the above recovery list is but with additional things thrown in. It is not so complicated, but you need to believe and stick to it. And by the way the Bionutri supplements are absolutely critical to this – I recall when I ran out on several occasions, my world started to implode again.

I really hope this helps.



Oct 27, 2017
Posted by Champster:

I don't think I can edit the title but obviously I mean boost your LOW T (*SoCal Edited This For you)

I say that I'm a 'lurker' but I actually didn't know that this forum existed until only a few days ago. But I would refer to the cdnuts recovery thread on propeciahelp while I was struggling with my health. Here's my story:

2012-2013: using finasteride
January 2014: quit finasteride because of lowered libido, had extremely high libido for a few weeks, then I crashed

PFS symptoms: zero libido (none at all), numb genitals, shrunken genitals, depression

2014: trudging along in life with all these pfs problems, really had no idea what was going on
2015-2016: started the cdnuts/boost your lot T protocol.

First did a four week juice feast and then started on a paleo diet with the supplements. Then I added in T boosting herbs, usually 10-12 of them which I rotated daily. I started carb backloading at the same time I started the T boosters. Then I started doing DHT prohormone cycles followed by PCT. In the middle of 2016 I started adding coffee in to my routine and my recovery really started ramping up. My depression that I had some days basically disappeared instantly at this time! I was feeling happier, more motivated, more social. I was doing better at work and in my personal relationships. I was so excited that the protocol was starting to work for me. I still had zero libido and numb genitals but I kept on the protocol because I new it could take time to heal.

At the end of 2016 I started researching around and I found that many PSSD sufferers had the exact same specific symptoms as me: zero libido and numb genitals. And I found that many PSSD sufferers recovered using a natural herb, licorice root. I knew I had PFS and not PSSD since I had never taken SSRI's but the symptoms these guys were describing were very similar to mine. I did a lot of research on the safety profile of the herb and then finally decided to add it to the cdnuts/boost your low T protocol. I started out just trying it on the weekends to see how I would react. I tried it one Saturday and felt kind of bad and I stopped taking it the next day. On Tuesday of that week I had what seemed like a miracle to me. The numbness down there went away for like 10-12 hours. I was shocked as I hadn't felt that in years! The next weekend I took the herb on Saturday and Sunday. Sure enough on Wednesday of that week the numbness started to go away and this time I could feel an actual libido! Once again I hadn't felt something like that in years! It was like something had switched on in my brain and it lasted about 36 hours.

So I continued playing around with this on the weekend and after a few weeks the numbness was pretty much gone and stopped coming back. I worked up to taking 1/4 teaspoon of 4:1 licorice root extract powder dissolved in a mug of hot water three times a day on Saturday and Sunday. I kept taking my T boosters and kept on my paleo diet with carb backloading. Kept working out and focusing on maintaining a positive mindset. And every time in the middle of the week I would get a raging libido again like I was a teenager! Once I had worked up to this dosage, my libido started to stay at a higher level each week. It would increase in the middle of the week, then it would fall down a bit but it stopped falling back down to how I felt during my pfs years. I started feeling like a normal human being for once! Things stopped swinging between superhuman sex starved teenager libido and complete eunuch zero libido. It just stayed at a consistent level through the week and It actually stopped mattering when I took the herb. I wouldn't feel any change.

One weekend arrived and I just never took the licorice root extract again and I've been living life ever since then. I stick to my diet and workout routine during the week but I'm back to beer and pizza with the guys on the weekend .

I'm so happy to say that the cdnuts protocol really works. It took me over two years and there wasn't a lot of progress in the beginning. But I hit a major upswing in the middle where my depression really seemed to get better. And then right around 2-2.5 years I finally got my libido back.

I think keeping faith in God really helped me along the way too.

It's really true that once you start making progress with sexual sides, it's like you make a big improvement, then you have a set back, then more improvement, and so on, until everything levels out.

Best of luck everyone!!!


Oct 27, 2017
There are many more that I need to import over to this site and there are plenty that have recovered using this method before the website was even created.

Anyone who reaches a recovered state using these techniques, please feel free to post here.


Oct 27, 2017
Posted by Coppersocks:

I did it

(Crash date: 26th January 2017)

Here I finally stand.

It's been a while since I posted any kind of meaningful update on my progress and there was a reason for that. I think that everyone throughout their PFS recovery will at some time or another need to take time away from thinking about it. I can now see what English and some of the older crowd meant when they talked about leaving the forums and why they did it; the PFS mentality is really fucking hard to get over. The checking of symptoms, the reading about others progress and looking for another silver bullet that will finally kick-start or speed up your recovery (they never come btw). I needed to just forget about PFS for a while and if symptoms came I just tried my best to ignore them and get the fuck on with living, which is what I did. I did however tell myself that when I was completely free from symptoms that I would post here and I've been waiting to do this for a looong time, I said I would get here and I did. So I'm at once immensely proud of myself and grateful to CD and everyone else here for all the advise and support that may have literally saved a life.

There's no point in me going into what I did each and every day because other than a few experiments that I tried for various symptoms you know what to do; the protocol. Just do it, stop asking the questions, learn it, absorb it and do it. When you are starting out you want to know what each and every symptom means or is caused by, you want to know what each supplement has made people feel like and whether you're better off with one over the other. I get it but honestly; I couldn't really tell you the difference between Butea Superba and Tongkat Ali if someone gave me them blind. I couldn't tell you if skin brushing is more beneficial that not applying xenoestrogens. But why does it matter if you are doing all of it? Some things I notice the benefit of in a short time frame, others I don't really. PFS is such an extreme and profound assault on our bodies and our sense that it is easy to become totally obsessed with every little change in our subjective experience day-to-day "Is this a good day?" , "Is my libido coming back again? Should I try getting hard to find out?", "I'm tired today, I must be crashing again!"... This all does you no good whatsoever. Did you think like this before you crashed? No, of course not. So the aim should be not to think like this, to stop constantly worrying about WHY you feel like something. Because until you can do that you will never be free of PFS, even after you have recovered. I'll say that again; you will never be free of PFS until you can let go of worrying about PFS. That should be your number one aim. Can't get hard today? So what? There are plenty of happy old men who can't. Tired today? You think every new mother with a baby who cries through the night is unhappy or totally unproductive? Of course not. People get shit done through all kinds of malady's and experiences. People can be happy in all kinds of states, from the massively disabled to the terminally ill. So your worry about your dick not being hard as it was yesterday is in the grand scheme of things nothing. It's not a thing.
That said I get it, PFS fucks not only with the endocrine system but with the neurochemistry of the brain. It can at times literally be impossible to feel happy or motivated or not to worry and feel anxious. Everything from dopamine to allopregnenolone and GABA is affected. I remember I read a study over on the Ray Peats site that showed PFS suffers have a similar brain chemistry to those with PTSD or traumatic brain injury. So; I'm not downplaying how negatively PFS can affect your day to day subjective experience. You feel like absolute shit, suicidal in my case, particularly early on. But that is where the protocol comes in. It doesn't matter how bad you may feel; you follow that template and even on your worst days you are edging towards where you want to be. Even on your worst days all you need is a little trust in what you've already committed to and just take that little bit of effort to do it. Let's face it, once you know the protocol it's really not rocket science; you either do it or you don't. All the protocol asks of you is to have a little fight in yourself. It's OK to skip the gym if you're really not feeling it. Hell it's OK to not shower at all that day if your feeling particularly bad and just want to stay in bed but what's not OK is not doing the things that you are able for. Know how you felt before all this shit and fight for that back because it won't just come (go look at PropeciaHelp for proof). And on top of that you'll be a better man for having had to fight for it because you've earned it and you'll know what fight is.

So let me reiterate if there's any confusion. The protocol works, it gives your body and mind what it needs in order to get better but you need to do it and you need to supplement it with the kind of thinking that doesn't lead to obsessive or anxious thoughts and negative mind frames; otherwise you will never get better. That is why the meditation and breathing aspect of this is SO IMPORTANT, maybe the most important. You won't get better unless you move out of your bodies way and let it do the healing that it needs and that you give it the tools for in terms of nutrition, supplements and herbs.

That all said I know there will be people really interested to hear a more detailed account of my symptoms and journey so I'd recommend looking up my thread for more info but I'll lay it out here a little too;
Symptoms included everything; no libido, no erections, massive brain fog, no sleep, soul crushing fatigue, anxiety, massive depression and suicidal thoughts, muscle wastage, large blue veins and spider veins appearing on my genitals and elsewhere, cold and rubbery dick, eye floaters, tinnitus, visual snow, blue flashing light in my eyes, the list goes on....

First month after quitting
All of the symptoms just kept getting worse, anxiety and depression overtook me as I all I could find online was horror stories. I went to see one of the leading researchers into PFS in Europe and even he told me that I basically out on my own. Said I might get better, I might not. I was broken. I was a 30 year old man and I begged my mum to move in with me. The way I saw it my life was over and I nearly dropped out of college, I did fail some assignments over this time.

Second month
I somehow found this site, much of it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, I've a history of fitness and gym work but this level of supplementation was new to me. Regardless I jumped in, I had nothing left to loose. I did the juice feast and bought the herbs and just started. I didn't find any noticeable improvements over this time other than more energy during the feast once I got used to it. With pfs you always have ups and downs but looking back and reading my posts any upswing was a small one. My mind was shook by what had happened to me.

Month 3 -6
Again looking back I was nowhere near well, I don't know how I managed to scrape through uni but I did. My mum still lived with me for most of this time, cooking and doing my laundry for me- you know the kind of stuff that mums love to do! Anyway that help gave me a foundation to focus on recovery. I began to realise that I needed to look past PFS if I was to ever be free of it. I already had a trip to South America planned for august and I told myself that I was going to enjoy the summer PFS or not. I made plans for concerts to go to and trips to see friends I hadn't seen in a while. I did these things and they helped massively but to say I was OK during all this time would be a lie. Libido and sensation wasn't there most of this time, brain fog had a habit of kicking in at the worst times and my moods were dramatically swinging. Sleep however did slowly improve and this helped with energy levels also.

Month 7 - South America
I already wrote about this in a post so I won't bore people here but needless to say it was the time of my life and helped me divorce my feelings of well being from those of my symptoms. I went with two friends and I told them flat out what was up. My symptom profile was much the same as the previous couple of months though energy levels were definitely getting better. A few days in my libido wasn't the best but I kissed a girl and felt movement and knew that I'd be OK in that department if I needed it. That gave me the confidence to enjoy myself, I talked to girls, I hiked for days in mountains, I zip-lined across massive canyons, I drank a bit, I took some drugs, I hooked up with a few lovely girls whom I still friends and chat to every now and then, I went to three of the worlds world wonders, I was happy. Read that again; I had symptoms and I was happy. I was doing things I loved with people I loved, I enjoyed who I was for the first time in a long time. I realised that I could socialise, I could entertain and I could make people happy to be around me all the while. That ability was still within me and so I knew that with a little fight I was gonna be OK. The last couple of days in South America my two friends left two days before so I was by myself in Buenos Aires just enjoying my own company and chatting to people who I had met along my journey over text. I went to art galleries and museums and parks and coffee shops and just basked in the sunshine. My last year of uni was coming and I decided that I was gonna put all my effort into it regardless of how I felt.

Month 8 -13
After a month out of most aspects of the protocol during SA I jumped straight back on. Since then it's really been nothing but improvement coming in waves. I did my first R-Andro run just before SA and did another mid November through to early January. Most of my symptoms have improved drastically. I did find that I had a downturn of libido around Christmas that lasted until around mid January. Brain fog stopped being a weeks long issue and would come for a few hours at a time. It was also very manageable as I realised that people couldn't really tell when I had it and meditation has helped me just to get on with it if it ever did crop up. My mood swings became a better also and much less frequent. I have to say that switching to proper paleo nutrition with no grains or sugar and very little dairy helped me feel much sharper and present. I now only eat any grains if I really feel like it like a bowl of oats in the morning. I always avoid gluten as I find that it reliably has a detrimental affect on energy as well as brain fog and anxiousness. I rarely suffer from any kind of anxiety now however and these past few months I feel as mentally robust as I ever have in my life. This fight has changed me forever and I'm glad I went through it. I also met a girl whom I went out with for about four months of this time and she really helped me realise that much of this internal struggle that we are going through is just that; internal and it doesn't need to have a broad impact on every aspect of your life. We enjoyed doing everything couples do and despite my libido wavering near the start of our relationship she was understanding and that created an environment of ease and less pressure which in turn increased my libido when with her because I wasn't worrying about whether I would be in the mood or not; I just was or wasn't. Unfortunately we had to break up for circumstantial reasons but I'll always be thankful to her for how she helped me get out of my own head and helped me fully realise what I began to in South America ; that people like being around me and I like being around them -PFS or not.

Symptom wise I am pretty much symptom free other than slight bouts of not feeling with it but I'm pretty sure that's just part and parcel of being alive; some days good and some days bad. My libido is fine and my ED is non existent. I get going by just thinking about sex and I the thought of sleeping with people excites me. I have no complaints. Nothing else really to report other than I still have tinnitus, visual snow and I'm a bit more veiny (some girls love this though) but I've learned to live with them as they are the kind of thing that once you get them they never fully go; so why fucking bother worrying about them? They're there now and they're scars to show what I've been through. I still do the protocol along with taking a few other supplements and I feel great 90% of the time. Energy is really good and very rarely do I even think about symptoms in any kind of ongoing way. My hair started to shed again after my second R-Andro run and has continued to do so, I'll likely have to shave it in a year or so but you can't even really tell right now. Again, who cares? There's plenty of happy and fulfilled bald people, why would I not be one of them?

Daily Supplement Stack
I know there's gonna be really interested in what I take outside of the protocol so I'll list anything I do or have taken here:

Protocol Herb
Pine Pollen (3 teaspoons)
Vitamin D
Ginkgo Biloba
Vitamin K (2 drops Kuinone sublingually)
Pansterone (2 drops applied to testes)
Piracetam 5g
Creatine 5g
1g Vit C
15mg Zinc
Alphas-Liopoic Acid
L carnitine
13mg Methylene Blue

Protocol herb

15G BCAA's

I also have a couple cups of coffee a day generally and usually either chamomile or green tea.

That's it really, I'm fine and can't really complain about any aspect of my life now. All the problems I have now are normal person issues, I'm free from PFS and the worry it creates. I'm now grateful to have gone through it and it's impossible not to feel some kind of contentment when you encourage yourself to feel gratefulness for aspects of your life. You may not feel 100% some days but we're not living in war torn nations or on the streets, we aren't terminal and we still have things to look forward to. When you actually internalise those thoughts recovery comes faster and colour bleeds into the world again. One thing that I think everyone should do throughout this journey is actively seek out someone going through the same issue and help them, it will help both of you I promise. The misinformation and panic that surrounds PFS has literally taken lives through suicide, every one of those ended lives is an unnecessary tragedy that could have been prevented and if no one else can help then it's up to each and everyone of us to pass on the help and support that we were lucky enough to receive. On top of that, the feeling of purpose that helping and caring for your fellow person causes is one of the best ways that I have found to help you lift your thought processes above the PFS cloud, there is a reason that those who live in commune with one another report higher levels of happiness as well as longer life spans. So don't lock yourself into your own struggle, help lift the burden of others in the same way CD has and you'll find your own easing along with it. I have been in communication with multiple people now regarding PFS as I left a paper trail across various hairloss and health forums and the only thing I ask of them is that they fight for themselves and when they are ready - they do the same, they go and help someone else dealing with this and point them towards this forum. All roads should lead here instead of to places like propeciahelp, PFS shouldn't take any more lives. So if the only thing you do when you are better is leave one little comment somewhere on some random forum that mentions this forum or that tells people there is help then do it, because you never know who's Google search that shows up in during their lowest moment and you might drastically improve or even save someones life.

Anyway that's it, if anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer. I intend to be more active here as I want to help as much as possible and using the forum no longer takes the toll on me that it used to before I was better. Thanks again to CD, I seriously owe you, Tubzy and others a drink. Here's to the next adventure!
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Oct 27, 2017
Posted by Rahaysa:

Semen Back to normal in quantity and quality
Hi Guys ,

Rahaysa here , wanted to post a good update .

My semen (ejaculate ) has returned to normal quantity and quality . I ejaculate every two or three days and able to get at least a spoonful of thick white fluid. when I first crashed in 2013 Jan I used to get a drop or two of clear water like fluid .. it has gradually changed to the current state over a period of 3 years + and in the current state it has been consistent for the last six months or so.

I am thinking of taking a fertility test , but haven’t got the guts yet to do it since I don’t want to hear anything negative ... I will keep pushing on the right things and get a test soon and post the results .


The above was the message I wrote on this forum on 08-29-2017 (6 months ago) and few days back I woke up to a beautiful smile from my wife telling me that she is pregnant and the ultrasound confirmed the same... 8 weeks and 2 days PREGNANT...
Little did I know all my fears of being infertile and unable to father a kid would be washed out just 6 months after I wrote the above message ..

to reiterate the fact ... I was complete infertile when I crashed in Jan 2013 ... I would get a couple drops of pure liquid like semen (I doubt it was indeed semen) .. but 5 years down the lane to impregnate my wife is a huge relief and the most happiest news of my life .

As I had mentioned in several of my posts recently my life has gotten better and better by every day.. it has got to a point where I dint feel bad most of the days , I could have normal sex without PDE5 Inhibitors and cum properly... most of all other sides which I had have almost disappeared over time with doing the protocol... only sides which remain today are a bit of stuttering, and confusion of choice of words (very manageable).

what I want to assert is the fact that as soon as I got to know that my wife is pregnant some sort of weight got of my head ... I felt as if a huge boulder was just removed from my head ... and after that every day now I feel the libido surges and urge to have sex ... the fact that PFS is as much a mental illness as a physical one is so true ... I hope ENGLISH see this and feels happy that someone is realizing his prophecy... I was in fact bogged down extremely due to the physical sides of the PFS , but I underestimated till very recently the Mental effects PFS has ... the pressure to perform in bed ... the pressure to assure yourself and the world that you still are a man .. takes a huge toll on your mental health ...

Having said all that .. I am quite confident and happy to say I HAVE RECOVERED from the HELL the PFS is .. this has been a long and torturous journey both physical and mental , but to most extent (90%) its over and I will further work towards becoming better and better .. I am even thinking of doing couple rounds of prohormones ...

I have my detailed story on Solvepfs and few posts on SWolesource as well. but just to reiterate it for the benefit of people who see this post following is my timeline of events with PFS...

Started fin April 2010
stopped fin august 2011 (no crash, only strong sides )
started saw palmetto Jan 2012
stopped saw palmetto Dec 2012
Crashed hard Jan 2013 while on business trip to USA
saw CDnuts post on propecia help during June 2014 ..
started Protocol vaguely march 2015
Started the actual protocol the main parts like juice feast, herb rotation, HIIT( I never did pumping, prohormones or heavy weightlifting ) June 2016
started noticing benefits from Around December 2016..
Huge differences started coming during second half of 2017..
started feeling confident in sex and did it enjoying without PDE5 inhibitors from June 2017...
started feeling very comfortable and normal from seep 2017..
as of today I feel 90% (after the load of impregnating my wife got of my mind)..

Only other thing I used apart from herbs is pramipexole and it did help me (JQD advice)

there is nothing that I can answer that the LEGEND CD as already not answered. so if you have any questions just go to his site, everything most of us found out by scrolling through his posts is all ot one place now ...

I want to reiterate the fact that if not for that post (I Am CURED) from CDNUTS I would have been dead 3 years ago... I just can’t THANK you enough CD.. you are the MAN ...the True MAN...

testimonial to your site from my end is coming soon it has been long DUE...I wish that you continue to stay here help more and more people and also in the process make money ( I will buy any new herbs I need through your site )

I will stay here for Couple more weeks , just to answer any questions (there are none) any new bee might have regarding recovery

for all the Help I received from this site and other two sites , I am really grateful, all this mess has made me a better human being ...​
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Oct 27, 2017
Posted by JimmyJonas:

Hi folks,

So here goes, I took 1.25 of finasteride daily for less than a week in October 2016 then woke up with genital numbness, basically felt like my dick was gone and like it had been injected with an anesthetic, that’s the best way I can describe it. Immediately quit but things didn’t improve and what followed was the most crushing depression and anxiety I had ever experienced, it floored me, I rapidly lost weight and bulk and my personality was gone, felt like the living dead and like my soul was removed. My sleep had gone, days and days without sleep, pacing my apartment etc, my record was 5/6 days of no sleep.I began having suicidal thoughts, this was a progression over oct/nov/dec leading to me researching ways to commit suicide and planning it out. I didn’t particularly want to die but I wanted the horror I was living with to stop (it’s near impossible for me now to comprehend how bad I felt)

Visited many doctors, some good, some bad, one endo was good, his approach was similar to cds in that there’s no magic fix with this but with enhancing ones health you will eventually pull through, that gave me slight bit of hope but that hope was crushed when I signed up to prop help, The countless negative horror stories fed my fear and the thought of this is over ive blown my life im going to be like these guys living like this for years on years etc took a firm hold. I said no way am I going on like this, it was then I really considered ending my life, began ringing suicide hotlines, tried to get myself sectioned to a psych ward but doctor gave me anti depressants instead, I didn’t take them, I’d read enough shit about them too. After one nights researching on prop help I decided to say fuck it, brought a bottle of vodka and some painkillers, walked to a local river bank in the rain, knocked them back and passed out, woke up hours later, had thrown up in my sleep so thankfully not enough pills to finish me. I don’t know subconsciously if I knew I didn’t take enough pills to finish me, possibly some incling of a survival instinct keeping me hanging on.

I was at rock fucking bottom, i had lost approx 4 stone, grown a beard and also my numbness was there along with cock now curving badly to left and a loss in size and girth. I had a long term partner at that stage, sex was completely gone, there was nothing getting me turned on and my tool was not standing to attention so sex life and interest in it had evaporated, if salma hayek walked into my room in a bikini it wouldn’t have made a difference, libido, urge had vanished.

All of the above led me to almost losing my job, that was really difficult, I had gone from a very popular chatty guy with my colleagues to being completely withdrawn and silent, with people talking about me that he aint right anymore he’s lost his mind etc how could they possibly understand what was happening to me, how could I tell them that a fucking tiny hair loss drug had totally destroyed my mind and body, Hell I didn’t blame people for thinking I had gone insane, one cannot possibly understand pfs until you live it. I was hauled up to my boss basically with get your shit together or your gone, the only thing that kept my job was that I had a huge amount of good karma in the bank with my employer as before this I was an excellent worker, hadn’t recorded a sick day In years, good to colleagues and staff i managed, that was why they couldn’t get their head around the 180 I had done.

During this period I had came across cds posts over at ph but they weren’t sinking in, I was still far too cut off to let any light in, after my failed suicide attempt I guess a survival instinct told me you have to get fucking out of this, you can’t go on this way.

Signed up here I think at approx Christmas 2016, my initial posts are not a good reflection of how severely fucked up I was, it’s a personality trait i have to always put the good side out when I’m talking to people, but honestly internally I felt at deaths door.

Over the following months I introduced pieces of the protocol, it was a very slow and sloppy transition but there were signs that my depression and anxiety was slightly fading, I enjoyed the positivity of the forum and never felt like shit after reading the posts, in the midst of this I was still using alcohol to control my anxiety, this was probably the worst move i made during all of above, alcohol magnified my physical and mental symptoms, the anesthetic feeling felt stronger in my junk after consuming alcohol etc so that was a problem.

Over the coming months I get better at applying what’s laid out here, the best thing I did was hitting gym in mornings before work, something I’m still doing and found my mood etc really improved from the morning workouts.

It was May 2017 that I fully embraced the protocol, did a second juice feast and completely removed the alcohol, daily herb rotation, daily pine pollen, breathing exercises in evening before bed, eating clean, removal of gluten. I consistently chipped away from that point, I was going to use prohormones but maybe I was too much of a pussy there and over cautious lol but anyway I decided against using them.

So over the coming months my mood improved, sleep returned, libido improved, feeling in penis improved, but it was really in last two months things really have ramped up, the only thing I added in was zinc and copper day on and day off that was approx 6/8 weeks ago and definitely had a positive impact on my libido/urge for a lady.

Today as I type I put myself at 90%, the biggest indicator of my recovery has been the return of my creativity, I am also a musician and before this I was a prolific songwriter wrote an album etc then came pfs and it was gone, over the past year there have been flickers of it returning but not like now, I also teach guitar and started teaching as a small business during pfs as a distraction to obsessing about the condition, id recommend that to guys during this, whatever it is give yourself a focus away from pfs, it’s not easy as it still sits at the back of your mind and will for some time but that’s ok you will slowly push it away with introducing other hobbies. But teaching an instrument and songwriting are two very different disciplines, the teaching was a distraction but i still wasn’t fully right and I couldn’t write or find the inspiration to write. Again, the upswing ive experienced in the past two months libido wise has coincided with me writing again daily, recording demos, the creative process, like a switch has been turned back on and colour has returned to my life.

In conclusion below is my position now

Numbness - completely gone
Depression - gone
Sleep - 8 hours average
Weight - healthy and stable
Libido - back with a vengeance, i recently split with my long term partner (not pfs related) so im not having regular sex but I want it and during last few encounters with ex feeling was back and all was good and working in the junk department. I’m kind of a shy dude with ladies but my confidence is back and that’s the key, an interesting point to mention on this is that during my pfs I worked with a girl and still do who is good looking but never anything between us, since my upswing and return of confidence I’ve been told by someone else that she has a crush on me, that gave me a boost, I wasn’t directly flirting with her but I guess I was exuding confidence again and that’s what it’s all about with attracting the ladies.

So that’s really it fellas, my only remaining symptoms are slight fluctuating curve and girth reduction from pre pfs days.

To all the new guys starting the journey you will make it through, stay the course here, don’t give in no matter how bad you feel, don’t subscribe to people e saying you won’t get better, you have it within you to beat this, don’t over complicate with introducing different supplements etc, keep it simple and relax, the only way is up.

To cd I plan to subscribe to your website going forward and continue your methods for improving general health and thank you man from almost losing my life to where I am now I have no doubt that’s down to what you’ve created here, you gave me hope in a world of darkness.

God bless

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Oct 27, 2017
Posted by Entropy:

Recovery is a dirty word.
A lot of recovery stories are worthless to be honest.
I don't care for them at all, they're mostly rubbish from dubious sources but here goes.

I took finasteride for seven years. From seventeen years old. Coming off and going on everytime I cared about my (still lustrous) hair.

Back in August 2014 I developed full blown pfs to the pint my partner left me.

For the first month I didn't sleep more than an hour a night, even with benzos or ambien. I discovered that forum and a few people stood out. CD, English, chi, mitch, cap who hasn't recovered but I bet he has now.

I took the Cdsnuts protocol and modified it to suit my body, I took seven herbs at the time, went full keto and loaded post workout.

I know there's going to be questions here and I encourage them. It took me eight months to get functional. And a further year or so to say I'm recovered. I still have a few residual symptoms too but I actually find them to be nice reminders.​
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Oct 27, 2017
Originally posted by Cannonballs:

Hey guys, just wanted to chime in here to let you know that I believe I am getting close to being fully recovered.

My poison of choice was saw palmetto. I won’t bore you with the details of the side effects I experienced, you can go back to some of my old posts if you want to see what I went through.

After my crash, many doctor and naturopath visits got me nowhere. I had found this site a little later but didn’t fully commit to CD’s protocol. What a mistake that was. I wasted precious time. I could have begun my recovery sooner, but was looking for “another way, an easier way”. Guess what, Fellas?! In my opinion there isn’t another way out of this. CD’s regimen is what got me out of the deep dark parts of hell I was experiencing.

After starting the juice feast I noticed a few improvements. Cycled the herbs for a few months and sort of felt like I wasn’t gaining much. In that time I did have some ups but the downs came afterwards. I kept with the program regardless.

It wasn’t until after my second cycle of Super R Andro / started taking Pine Pollen everyday I noticed huge gains. Memory, confidence, libido, etc....

I now feel I am pretty close to being fully recovered. I’m definitely a better person at this point. Now I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my health and knowledge. This whole ordeal has created a hunger to learn and always be improving.

Gentlemen, strive to always grow and improve yourself. Breathe and believe. You’ll get there, it won’t be easy, but it’s definitely possible.

Blind faith is what it took for me to fully commit to CD’s protocol, I did it and it works.

CD, thanks again for your time and effort on this board. Thanks for sticking around and giving us help when our own doctors couldn’t give us any. Your posts gave me my life back. I hope your site grows and becomes a staple for men trying to better themselves.


Oct 27, 2017
Total Male Optimization "You are amazing!!"


Kevin wordpress@totalmaleoptimization.comvia
Mon, Jan 28, 4:28 PM (9 days ago)
to me

From: Kevin <>
Subject: You are amazing!!

Message Body:
Hey mate,

I've been living a total nightmare since 3 years because of Propecia and PFS. I almost lost everything (my own biz, my longtime girlfriend, and my life) but I fought super hard and worked on myself a lot, trying everything : Yoga, lots of meditation, lots of gym (which I've always been doing), lots of acupuncture, reiki, sleeping enough, eating good food, hypnosis, and it all helped but too slowly and it didnt stop my crazy creepling anxiety and depression that started when I PFS-crashed (fainting followed by panick attacks every 2 days, massive depression, brain fog, total cognitive impairement, sleeping 16 hours a day, a freakin nightmare that evenmade me become suicidal for a week at 26 years old). I litterally went from a super successful young guy, ultra confident (an real alpha male), running my own successful business to a 150 years old totally brain and body fucked person, scared to even go to restaurant because of an internal, unexplainable feeling of total terror, 24/7/365 during more than 2 years. I discovered your program a few months ago and applied it right away. It is doing miracles and I feel I'll soon be MUCH stronger than ever before. It is wroking super well on me and very quickly because I was already applying lots of your tips before, but the T supplements and the brain ones are doing miracles. I wanted to thank you for putting all this together for free and tell you that you inspired me to build a similar website with my own tips. If it happens to get some traffic and I can generate some money, I'll give all of it to the PFS foundation.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and god bless you, you saved my life (I am dead serious). I am about to start another business beside the one that I almost had to sell (because I couldnt work anymore because of PFS), and I got my long term girl friend back and we are planning on the next, more serious steps. and this is thanks to you.

Take care



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May 5, 2018
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Total Male Optimization "You are amazing!!"


Kevin wordpress@totalmaleoptimization.comvia
Mon, Jan 28, 4:28 PM (9 days ago)
to me

From: Kevin <>
Subject: You are amazing!!

Message Body:
Hey mate,

I've been living a total nightmare since 3 years because of Propecia and PFS. I almost lost everything (my own biz, my longtime girlfriend, and my life) but I fought super hard and worked on myself a lot, trying everything : Yoga, lots of meditation, lots of gym (which I've always been doing), lots of acupuncture, reiki, sleeping enough, eating good food, hypnosis, and it all helped but too slowly and it didnt stop my crazy creepling anxiety and depression that started when I PFS-crashed (fainting followed by panick attacks every 2 days, massive depression, brain fog, total cognitive impairement, sleeping 16 hours a day, a freakin nightmare that evenmade me become suicidal for a week at 26 years old). I litterally went from a super successful young guy, ultra confident (an real alpha male), running my own successful business to a 150 years old totally brain and body fucked person, scared to even go to restaurant because of an internal, unexplainable feeling of total terror, 24/7/365 during more than 2 years. I discovered your program a few months ago and applied it right away. It is doing miracles and I feel I'll soon be MUCH stronger than ever before. It is wroking super well on me and very quickly because I was already applying lots of your tips before, but the T supplements and the brain ones are doing miracles. I wanted to thank you for putting all this together for free and tell you that you inspired me to build a similar website with my own tips. If it happens to get some traffic and I can generate some money, I'll give all of it to the PFS foundation.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and god bless you, you saved my life (I am dead serious). I am about to start another business beside the one that I almost had to sell (because I couldnt work anymore because of PFS), and I got my long term girl friend back and we are planning on the next, more serious steps. and this is thanks to you.

Take care

Damn my ex won't even talk to me tho LOL Good shit


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Oct 22, 2017
London, UK
Wish there were more PSSD stories like this, maybe part of it is more pre-existing mental health conditions leading to lower motivation to do full protocol