Minoxidil Acts as an Antiandrogen: A Study of 5α-reductase Type 2 Gene Expression


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Nov 6, 2017
First time I took that garbage, I threw it away the next day. Made me have facial hair a tiny bit under my eyes or something. Increased hair where I didn't want it.
AND if it can fuck up my eyes, then screw it. I did kind of want to use it because its a vasodilator in conjunction with vasoconstricting stimulants, I thought it could protect against hair loss.
-Same garbage drug at the same cost that my Dad had access to a million years ago.
-Spiro cream > minoxidil > finasteride for me (not even on this list, it's crap). Minox can mess up eye-area.
-There's several people on realself that have been screwed up and have permanent premature aging from it.
-Minoxidil also did cause some ED for like a day, but that could have been Adderall also, plus I was extremely scared to try either (back then).
-Which is why I didn't mess with it again, until I was temporarily dumbed down from Finasteride. See one drug leads to more... Lamo --> Fin --> Minox for me.
-All you younger guys wanting beard growth, It might get way faster/thicker around 25-26. It did for me and my little cousin. I have stronger facial hair than uncles and most older cousins. My dad, brother and I. I wouldn't mind never shaving ever to keep clean-shaved. 2-3 days stubble is all I can do.
I'd trade it all for perfect hair density again. I still have decent hair but its not cool for me.
-Although I get it, we always want what we can't have.
-Don't use this on your beard... makes no sense. If it can disrupt collagen when applied to your hair, what about facial application?
-A straight razor with ADHD makes for being very late at times. A shavette can jack you up. I looked younger than other students, then older... so I hated going to school without shaving.
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Jan 25, 2018
New Jersey, USA


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Oct 4, 2017
Diazoxide is another hypertrichosis-inducing drug affecting the potassium channels.
This is a Merck production drug, even if helping to recover, I would never give any cent to those MutherFuckers who destoyed our life!