*IMPORTANT OX BILE NOTE* Huge Breakthrough: Accutane Recovery

Jan 23, 2020
I recently just posted about my recent success with ox bile. While this substance has been helping me, i also realized that it was almost making me worse at the same time. While I’ve definitely had better bowel movements/improvement in symptoms, I experienced a bad crash that I’m currently enduring while typing this. I was so confused as to how this could happen both ways, until I finally got it.

So here’s the explanation:
Ox bile consists of hydrophilic (water loving) AND hydrophobic (water hating) acids. Hydrophilic substances are easily handled and eliminated from the body since they are water soluble. Hydrophobic molecules, on the other hand, are typically only fat soluble (hint...like Vitamin A!). If we don’t have bile flow, we can’t deal with fat soluble toxins SO we crash. So by taking ox bile, I was basically canceling out the effects of both types, which is why I experienced this weird phenomenon. Studies also show that hydrophobic bile acids can ACCELERATE the growth of bad bacteria. (Which is negative for us).

Because of this, I have decided to turn back to tudca, as it is hydrophilic.

Key Here: Stay away from anything fat soluble until bile flow is back on line. Hope this helps everyone!