Experiences with Chelation (Long-Term / Mega-Chelation)


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Dec 11, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have lots of experience with chelation by now, but most of my success with it has been for toxic metals (mercury) and for toxicities of essential minerals (zinc magnesium copper) where I had only recently accumulated too much of the mineral so it didn't take a very large chelator dose to get rid of the small excess of it and cure me instantly. But now, I seem to have a MASSIVE excess of calcium in my body, ruining my health. I've been taking larger and larger chelator doses to get rid of it, but I have not been cured yet.

Could people who have experience with using chelators in large doses over long periods of time share what they know here? EG @Raincoast @HerrFisch I think you both used resveratrol for months at hundreds of mg / day to chelate copper? Could you share info about it? Like how it was handling those large doses? How long did it take to cure you of the toxicity problem if it had taken years to develop, and did those chelator amounts deplete you of other minerals? Do you have any advice for this?

Basically, I want to know what it's like to spend weeks or months chelating intensely to cure a toxicity of a mineral (like copper iron calcium etc) that may have been accumulating for years. Chelating to cure the sort of problem that gbolduev talked about in his older posts, where he says most people are just toxic in minerals like iron and from multivitamins flooding them with minerals, and that what works for them is to just chelate chelate chelate, maybe with fasting and ocean swimming, and increase amino acids to minerals ratio. I am interested in people who cured cases like that, rather than for stuff like mercury or lead toxicity, which has much more written about it. Success stories and failures are both welcome. Like, what is the safety of using 500 mg of a chelator a day for weeks? What was it like for you when you did it? Does your progress show up in hair tests as elevated levels of what you are removing? Please share all you know.

Edit: And if people know of compounds that are effective for removing large amounts of calcium and sulfur from the body, please share them.