Accutane Recovery Update (Ox Bile: 3/11/20)

Jan 23, 2020
So here I am about 2 months into continuous ox bile supplementation. I can feel myself slowly improving. I was on a great track until i sort of over did the ox bile and crashed a little. Nothing too bad (dry skin, slow metabolism, etc) and nothing I couldn’t handle. Stopped supplementing for a little to let things clear out and i actually saw some natural bile in my stool for the first time in years! So this is definitely working (reducing toxin to load to kickstart bile flow). Now i’m slowly building back up with ox bile.

One thing I’m definitely learning though is how serious our situations really are. People forget about the compounding effects of low bile flow. Our bodies have been toxic for so long that we are dealing with candida, malnourishment, and overall dysfunction. This doesn’t fix itself overnight. Once we get the toxin overload out, our bodies can then start repairing and kick start back up again. Trust the process
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