1. M

    Metabolic Trap Theory

    Not sure you guys have heard of this proposed theory for cfs. But it could make some sense in pssd and cfs caused by ssri. It involves the IDO1 and Ido2 genes. These genes are responsible for shuffling tryptophan into either serotonin pathway or to the kynurenine pathway. And I will explain...
  2. E

    PSSD Following Ashwagandha/Shilajit usage

    Good evening everyone, I am currently battling what seems to be PSSD symptoms from Ashwagandha KSM-66 usage My symptoms are: -Genital Numbness -Reduced Sensation -No sexual arousal -Normal erections -Morning wood I have every single day. -No smell -No good feeling after orgasm. Blunted. It's...
  3. M

    TEI not doing great

    Just started my Tei supplements about a week ago. I am really feeling shitty. I think it’s the adrenal glandulars. And there seems to be a lot of b6 but not a lot of other b’s to balance that amount. It feels like when I’ve over methylated myself in the past. Just completely empty and...
  4. S

    Long term sufferers recovering?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here but unfortunately no stranger to PSSD. Long story short, I'm completely med free since 2014 and I'm completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, asexual 4 and a half years later with no windows. I haven't been turned on since 2013 and I dont enjoy sex at all, ever. It's as if...
  5. M

    Tei Results-help majorly appreciated!

    received my TEI test. I should have done the consult as I have no idea what any of this means. I would love you hear everyone’s thoughts. All I see is that my potassium is extremely high. Quick recap: I’m female Ssri injured for 12 years Worst symptoms: Extreme fatigue No emotion Lack of...
  6. J


    Has anyone of you tried the P-Shot? This treatment sounds very positive for our problems. It should improve erection quality and also regain lost tissue to gain more size. Unfortunately there is not sooo much data, specially not in relation whit PFS and PSSD.
  7. J


    Hello, I got PSSD for 4 years after 2 years of escitalopram. I've already tried a lot of things and protocols. My symptoms are erectile dysfunction, emotional numbness, numb nipples, no Libido, bone loss,face changes,soft glans, no hairs grown on my body (or very low) and penis atrophy. I...
  8. raven


    Personally since this PSSD started I've isolated myself much more. It's difficult being around people when you're emotionally numb, knowing you should be enjoying yourself with friends yet feeling nothing and sometimes being unable to fake even a smile. Until recently I didn't see much issue...
  9. raven

    Brain Fog

    Brain fog is one of my most persistent symptoms, with the sexual side effects I've seen improvements, same with anhedonia, but brain fog is just always there. How does it manifest itself with you guys? For me there is an actual physical pressure in the front of my head, it almost feels like the...
  10. B

    my PSSD log (10mg fluoxetine ruined me)

    May 2015 I was depressed and started taking 10mg fluoxetine every day for a couple months. After that I felt better and stopped and I felt no bad side effects fast forward February 2017 I started the same medicine and dosage and maybe a month or two in I start feeling bad side effects. I stop...
  11. raven

    Raven Log

    Hey, raven from the PSSD forum here, I've been suffering from PSSD for 18 months now, recently got my blood test back and the results are pretty interesting. Symptoms: Low libido, Erectile Dysfunction Extreme anhedonia and emotional blunting Numb genitals Potassium 4.4 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.3)...
  12. health

    Health Log - UPDATE 7 MONTHS INTO TEI (CYCLE #3)

    2010 - 2013 Paroxetine 2014 - 2017 LSD Steroids Testosterone Drostanolone Mesterolone hCG Exemestane Tamoxifen Ayahuasca Numerous official and off-label diets, supplements and therapies Numerous blood tests and doctor's visits' PFS, PSSD, & Accutane community found 2...
  13. barbaar

    Barbaar, PSSD log

    Hey Guys, So I decided to jump on the Ella train. A little bit about me first: PSSD from 7 months on citalopram back in 2015. I've been off it for almost two years now, yet the PSSD still persists. While on meds, and for a good time after my symptoms were Low libido Weak erections Genital...