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  1. Ivy

    Guide for TEI (Trace elements Inc) Lab Testing

    Oh, that's less than I thought! Thanks guys!
  2. Ivy

    Guide for TEI (Trace elements Inc) Lab Testing

    Can someone pitch in by saying what amount of hair is needed? Is 30grams something like a small sized envelope?
  3. Ivy

    Has anyone heard of this growth serum?

    Pedro, vai ao site e vê todos os produtos disponíveis. Eles vendem a marca Tricomedic, mas como complemento e claro que te vão tentar vender outros tratamentos antes. Não te esqueças que a "cura" que usaste teve consequências desastrosas e é dessas que tens de tratar asap. Agora em inglês...
  4. Ivy

    Has anyone heard of this growth serum?

    Pedro, check out Saúde Viável. As I said, this product is originally intended to help grow transplanted follicles. I just happen to have enough money to be willing to see if it works on non-transplanted shrinking ones as well. This is the only product I've heard of that lists placental protein...
  5. Ivy

    Has anyone heard of this growth serum?

    Not entirely sure all drugs are a scam. Sure, I'm cautious with what I try, even topically. I've been on oral spiro and minoxidil, of course, and luckily had no sides, but it makes no sense for me to be stuck on a diuretic for life. And I can't pin down why the hell I have such bad seasonal TE...
  6. Ivy

    Has anyone heard of this growth serum?

    Shit. I was so pleased to see the copper peptides... The reviews (assuming they are legit) were written by women. Have you ever heard of women crashing on RU, by any chance?
  7. Ivy

    Has anyone heard of this growth serum?

    Matt Miller Regrowth Serum Full ingredient list: Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Copper Peptides (GHK-Cu), RU58841-Myristate, Phenoxyethanol. Could it be worth a shot?
  8. Ivy

    Hair loss theory

    The house was built in the 60s, I suspect the standard piping was copper. I'm saving for a Berkey filter...
  9. Ivy

    Hair loss theory

    I'm one of these people, a female who started balding early (+-16). I'm 37 and I have, at most, 3 or 4 white hairs. My hair is very dark, but extremely photosensitive and prone to acquire reddish tones. Also, it reacts to the water running on rusty pipes in my house, and it improves greatly if I...
  10. Ivy

    Gut microbiome testing

    There is a very cheap test (more or less 30 Euros in my country) that should give you some insight: the Candida Albicans stool test. I do believe it is reliable. I've had it numerous times to keep things in check, after a very expensive Gut Dysbyosis stool test. If you're still eating as...
  11. Ivy

    Sodium, magnesium, life and stress

    Interesting post, @m_arch Will anyone care to comment?
  12. Ivy

    How to prevent a young man from taking Propecia

    I'll be asking him if a) he took steroids or other substances and b) if there are any other symptoms alongside the fast shedding. Is there anything I should be suspicious of? @TubZy thanks, but I can't possibly expect him to do that amount of homework. Either I chew down everything on my own...
  13. Ivy

    How to prevent a young man from taking Propecia

    I've scared him enough. I know I can't persuade him to take a hairtest, so I'm looking for simpler actions he could implement.
  14. Ivy

    How to prevent a young man from taking Propecia

    Guys, One of my male cousins was just prescribed this shit. I've explained to him vehemently why he shouldn't take that route. He's an extemely fit (thin and muscular) soccer coach and I fear he might be overdoing his workouts while undereating. Hair still looks pretty good, dry, dark blond...
  15. Ivy

    Cold Showers & Hair/Skin

    I can't say I have, as hot water is definitely calming for me and my muscles crave that. However, I always wash my head in cold water (or lukewarm, if I'm freezing) and I always rinse it with cold table water in the 5.5-5,9 pH range. While the cold seems to help reduce sebum production, I'm...
  16. Ivy

    *THEORY* Magnesium+Brisket: the cure-all for baldness?!?!

    I appreciate your efforts towards a general theory, @m_arch. I do feel that the hypothesis is slightly outdated, as you're the second person to whom gbolduev recently suggested to check aldosterone to renin ratio. So does the original dichotomy still stand? How does it relate to aldosterone to...
  17. Ivy

    Drinking water: what properties should we look for?

    I've seen gbolduev recommend two brands so far, Volvic and Fiji. Why these specific two? I'm especially puzzled because, according to Wikipedia, Fiji has a ph of 7.3-7.7, which is alkaline. It seems to have a high amount of silica, though, and not too much calcium. Personally, I have a very...
  18. Ivy

    Understanding The Possible Mechanisms of Hair Loss

    @TubZy, wouldn't it be beneficial to add the two types of hairloss and the distinct approaches they call for, according to gbolduev? That info is scattered all over his old quotes. I'm also not absolutely sure he still subscribes to his original dichotomy of fast oxidation/protein wasting vs...
  19. Ivy

    Decalcifying agents

    Could you please clarify? @gbolduev
  20. Ivy

    Mcdonalds Fries Regrow Hair

    Would diatomaceous earth on the head be advisable though? :P