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  1. bruschi11

    Alcohol and minerals

    Happy Saturday morning y’all. I’m here in a hungover state soaking in an epsom salt bath here! Anyways, I’ve been running minerals hard for about 13 weeks now. Have been waiting for this for about 22 months to be sailing smoothly on a nutritional balancing program. Been studying this stuff the...
  2. bruschi11

    PropeciaHelp Nutritional Balancing Recovery (2010- Letsconvenience)

    @RebelWithACause had a great find the other day. A PFS recovery story on Propeciahelp who recovered with Nutritional Balancing (ARL) as his major method of curing himself. He also used ox bile which coincides with hackstasis' hypothesis that correcting bile synthesis is very important in fixing...
  3. bruschi11

    Pyroluria and Babesia Link

    A week or two back I posted my nutreval results. @Helen commented that I still have pyroluria which is ultimately a b6 and zinc deficiency... which makes tons of sense. Currently while nutritional balancing, if I stop for a day, I literally lose my gut, my brain and I'm just horrid. Literally...
  4. bruschi11

    Oxidation and meal frequency

    This is a topic I’d like to bring up that I’ve pondered in the past. Having woken up on the 3rd day post water fast- I’m feeling as I’ve shifted more towards a fast oxidizer due to my fasting and activities therein. Normally, I’ve been more slow oxi in the past- so this is a change for me. Diet...
  5. bruschi11

    salt water swimming/ozone link

    @Helen Almost done with a water fast and which has included some salt water swimming. I feel deep similarity as to how I felt on ozone with these swims. My take on this is that ozone pushes potassium into the cell (how about though?) and sodium pulls potassium into cell. The healing...
  6. bruschi11

    histidine, b6, zinc recovery

    "THE FOLLOWING WAS THE LAST PIECE OF PUZZLE and i beleive the MAIN thing that helped my recovery so far!!! We may have low Histamine> I tried a low histamine diet to help sleep and it worsened my symptoms, i grew really tired, foggy thinking etc etc. So this led me to investigate…HISTAMINE...
  7. bruschi11

    Urgent Hair Test question

    Alright guys, I wasn't planning on starting my fast until tomorrow or Friday. But I started today. And I just realized i completely forgot about the hair analysis I have being sent to my house. So I gotta get some hair off my body within the next couple hours. Unfortunately, my hair is extremely...
  8. bruschi11

    L- Norvaline

    @Helen has supported its use in Lyme disease. And its one hell of a strong amino acid let me tell you for someone dealing with this disease. The healing reactions when I had the disease very bad this past January, early Feb were severe and could not be tolerated. Just instant major major...
  9. bruschi11

    Colon Cancer

    Friend of a friend has it from college. Just saw on Facebook, surprised I’m so late to see this as he was diagnosed in aug 2017 with stage 4 colon cancer. Kid was a stud in college, probably most well built, athletic looking kid out of my whole graduating class. Married college sweetheart...
  10. bruschi11

    Dr. Crisler

    Committed suicide this past month. Dr. John Crisler Has Passed I met him once and talked to him on a few occasions. He was an anti-aging doctor who was actually pro-aging with his hormonal treatments. He was very much anti-Helen. “Hormones age people.” Let’s just be real here... we have...
  11. bruschi11

    Influenza ( the flu )

    Welp, it’s been tough early winter for me post fast. I was feeling so much better and so excited for life, but had to go back into semi-fasted type state to fix anal fissure yesterday. Plan is 7-10 days of broth and juices to heal this thing. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my pfs lol)...
  12. bruschi11

    TMG (trimethylglycine) for CFS/PFS/Lyme support

    This is big part of ARL and/or Dr. Wilson’s nutritional balancing techniques at least for slow oxidizers I’m sure of. (Edit: I think he uses this with everyone.) I think the idea to use this is with all the work that’s going on with NB, body needs something to help it move a bit faster with...
  13. bruschi11

    Rife Machines

    This thread is a long time coming from me. Just to be brief here, I used one of these really non stop in August and September 2017. I got a lot lot better from Lyme and PFS in the time period, but it also consisted of juice fast, herbals, Okinawa/ mainly plant based diet, tons of coffee enemas...
  14. bruschi11

    Fasting and Flying

    So, I’m looking at fasting some point this fall, early winter. Right now it appears I may want to do so for 21-25 days in late November, early December during which I am committed to a trip to Florida for days say 9-12 (but heck I might make stay longer if I’m going to fast). I’m obviously...
  15. bruschi11

    Ionic foot baths

    I’ve used these a bit over the past year of holistic healing. First at a center for Lyme for months 1-3 (currently on month 13) and I would notice herxheimer reaction during its use. Then I bought machine around month 9 while on h2- and it seemed to more so clean me out if anything. Remove...
  16. bruschi11

    Ozone Water (to reverse Hydrogen water induced problems)

    I know that @Helen has mentioned that drinking ozone water could possibly benefit those who are drinking hydrogen water. I guess this was to balance the system as h2 can unbalance it. I’ve stopped h2 and have noted how I am stuck in a pretty horrible body chemistry with extreme elevations of...
  17. bruschi11 / Making this forum's findings relevant

    First off, I just got banned by I got banned for "Repeated Breach of community guidelines." I'm fucking bull shit. I didn't do anything. Axoloti essentially called my original symptoms "psychological" and I basically said how appalled I was that a moderator of a PFS forum...
  18. bruschi11

    "The Decision 3.0"

    Where does Lebron go this summer? And has anyone ever done a hair mineral analysis on the guy? Haha would be cool to see.
  19. bruschi11

    Hydrogen Water Fasting

    @freeflow and I have scheduled fasts coming up. I know @Orion also has a hydrogen water machine and will be fasting as well. Do we want to be drinking hyrogen water during our fasts? For the second week in a row I fasted for 36 hours on Hydrogen Water yesterday. It feels very potent what...
  20. bruschi11

    Betaine HCL / Digestive Enzymes post fast

    I just fasted 40 hours during my liver flush and in times past I have always used Betaine HCL/ Digestive Enzymes post fast including my 21 day fast. Should we be including these in our post fast meals? If not, how long should we be excluding them. Thoughts would be great @Helen @mattyb @Orion ?