Hairtest 1- mid-October 2019: Removing last of mercury, after DMSA crash, poisoning self with calcium and copper.
Hairtest 2 - mid-December 2019: Ate calcium for 3 more weeks pushing me into 4 lows, stopped, did lots more chelation to fix, replenished minerals, months-long struggle with C Diff.
Hairtest 3- late-January 2020: Killed off C Diff (saved my life probably). Kept chelating (calcium) (not working, but kept Cu and Fe (b1 IP6 and C did this too) and Moly and Mn in check). Colon perforated multiple times. Na up and down. Persistent pains in Jan (cancers?) IP6 and vit C probably were what fixed it. tinnitus for months, Liver pain for weeks and now in March, hand pain (EBV?). Jan-Feb took magnesium (made me worse, lowered sodium raised DHT, never again). Manganese and zinc in food made me worse. Done chelating, going to rely on sauna and low mineral diet, will try a fast at some point. Ca, Cu, Mg in tissues are the biggest problem. Come help me (and many others with same problem) find a cure! :


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