dec.ls. / lev trading/ wealth generation. not being a little bitch like you.


--M.--gl all. work hard. focus. get well. fix mental --> physical --> happiness --> then wealth. -need money. as m as possible. making it safely. low lev. anyways CRYPTO WILL CHANGE THE ENTIRE WORLD forever.
--greatest financial and economic upheavel in human history. stop fking around people. max your btc. and alts the good ones. --EVERYONE has become complicit with authoritarianism..[[[rones. aliens. legitimately.
==shapeshifters. the truth is out there. keep watching the skies!!! DONT. --maybe not the smartest but quite smart enough. the only true test that counts isn't ww3 nor the lsat, it's hybridization. sixth maybe 15th extiniction, im not sure. they don't need earth. the aliens... want to colonize and mix with people, and use earth's lush resources and are fine with human beings annhilating one anpther. hybridization is the only soln.



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