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Took Accutane in 2011 at 20mg for six months. Have been walking dead since then.
weird how your Chemistry can affect how people take petty jokes.

make petty joke on DHT only: guy gets mad
make the same petty joke on the same individual on pregnenolone: guy thinks it's hillarious

something about pregnenolone makes you so fucking likable. my boss just told me that he is super content with my work for the trilliont time. the only week i ran out of pregnenolone and took DHT only he was mad at me
Still recovered from sexual sides. Sexually frustrated every day now lol. Have to masturbate. I know too much info but take that into account based on where I used to be (absolutely zeeerooo sex drive or interest in woman or pleasure from sex ) to now I am the craziest in bed I’ve ever been. I can go right after completely orgasm again.
ruprmurdoch wrote on Goose12's profile.
How is your friend eyes ?

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