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Vaccination ids scrapped in israel, spain and now uk. Fuck yeah. Looks its gonna be a holiday to spain soon. Apparently we dont even need to social distance anymore from the 9th of june. The politicians in belgium dicided to give responsability back to civilians. It really is the best time to be alive. #blessed
Lol I just arranged a date for my muslim college (who cant read dutch very well) to get his vaccine shots. I thought he was a clueless sheep but a bit later he says: "maybe I'm gonna die". My other muslim college asks "what do you mean?". He says: "alot of people die from the vax". And than you got me thinking why the hell do you want to take that shite then? lmao clown
Pubs open again in belgium today. Went a bit out of hand today lol. Weed, alcohol, junkfood, cookies. Lol at least I'm living