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"Happy" birthday to me...
I am still amazed at how quickly our body can all of a sudden say, "This product doesn't agree with me anymore". I was just thinking back to how I had used Propecia for 3+ years with no sides and then I added Minoxidil and it went down hill from there.
He is great @noprop really is
noprop wrote on bruschi11's profile.
I have very interesting protocols re Lyme and detoxification from Dr. Klinghardt: see
Absolute great stuff: diagnosis, symptoms, roots, different protocols (the natural ones and the heavy ones), and good links.
You can find something interesting, maybe. Best
Lloving wrote on TubZy's profile.
Hey man. Getting caught up on this forum coming from RPF... for some reason I’m unable to use the PM. Can you help me with that? Thanks! LukeL

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